Disc Protrusion Singapore – The Best Places For Treatment

One of the many physical conditions that people of Singapore suffer from is a slipped disc. From athletes to retirees, many people fall prey to this condition. Further, from famous personalities to common people, everyone shares the same pain. Sometimes, people can’t differentiate between a usual lower-back pain and a slipped disc. So, one should consult a professional for the same. There are several disc protrusion singapore experts.

The top names are listed below.

  1. Family Chiropractic 

When it comes to a disc protrusion, they are an expert at customizing the treatment procedure. They take the causes, the patient’s age, the overall health, and previous health conditions to do the best they can. The first visit is dedicated to assessing and drawing the treatment’s road map to keep things clear and transparent.

  1. Elite Spine Centres 

One of their specialties is the Functional Correction Method. It is a complete body approach that is a highly therapeutic procedure. Unlike other treatments that target only certain parts of the body, this one is a total body approach. They are a pioneer in the field and provide one of the best disc protrusion singapore treatments.

  1. Novena Pain Management Specialists 

When it comes to a slipped disc, many people are afraid of the surgical procedures and aftermath. However, Novena Pain Management Specialists offer pain relief treatments that don’t involve any surgery. Hence, the patients don’t have to face the painful side effects of surgery.

Many people of every age group suffer from slipped disc conditions. Luckily, several clinics offer effective treatment.