Utilize the Video walls stand out in a crowd

If you attended a Trade show or seminar, it is likely you saw vendors utilizing a wall to demonstrate services and products. This way of presenting is extremely popular as it reaches out to the audience getting their attention better. LCDs and televisions’ price and weight is trending and it makes this an attractive solution for many venues when combined with wall hardware. Initially, this type of Advertising was used in trade shows and exhibitions. But in the airport, hotel and retail malls, video walls started showing up in places beyond the display floor such as in office lobbies, with the fall in the expense of a TV. Plasma or LCD displays are designed as single or video wall panel configurations. The formats are 3×2, 2×2, 3×3 and 4×4. The area needed to establish a wall is based upon the size of screen.

In the earlier days now displays are lightweight, easy to mount onto a wall and reasonably priced, although hardware was more bulky. Additionally, the screens offer resolution in comparison to predecessors.


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You may wonder how all those television panels are controlled. This is done with a management system. This is an appliance that is installed in cabinet or an office from screens’ panel located a remote. A tech configures the panels leave an image or to show images on panels that are different. This provides a presentation that is easily modified to suit message or the audience. This wall hardware is housed in a compact device designed to fit into racks or standard grade computer cabinets. The management system is installed away from the panel allowing a technician to images and the settings. The wall applications are intended to be easy and do not require training. Technical professionals understand how to set up and configure those systems.

The benefits of these kinds of marketing tools are available to any company and not confined to people with advertising budgets and technology. They programmed to stream video or images or may be configured to permit interaction 24 hours a day. People are attracted making led video wall in singapore an ideal system to deliver a message.